In this episode of The Cope Talks, our brilliant regular panel was joined by Valerie Landis, one of the women leading the effort to educate women about egg freezing.

Valerie Landis. “For my 33rd birthday as a gift to myself, I finally crossed off egg freezing from my bucket list and retrieved 22 beautiful eggs that resulted in 17 successfully freezing via vitrification or fast-freezing in 2015. It was an empowering experience that I am thankful to be given the opportunity to do and what effectively inspired me to start

“I froze again in 2017 at 35-years old to collect another 12 eggs to add to my egg collection. During that time, I created the Eggology Club podcast to help expand the awareness about what egg freeezing can do for women. I decided to personally freeze one more time and document the process from start to finish. I spent the next year physically preparing my body for another fertility cycle. The goal was to see if lifestyle changes could improve my fertility outcome and build off my other cycles. I was able to successfully freeze 32 mature eggs in 2019, a month before my 37th birthday and to bring my grand total of 61 eggs frozen in the bank.

“I am very public and open about my fertility journey and long-term fertility strategy. I help advise other women about their family planning choices through {her}strategies fertility counseling.”


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