Dr. Rıdvan Seçkin Özen was born in 1966 in İzmir, Türkiye. He received his Medical Degree in 1990 from GATA Gülhane Medical Faculty in Ankara, Türkiye. He obtained his PhD degree in Medical Genetics in a joint program of the Medical Genetics departments of Gülhane Medical Faculty and University of Pittsburgh University.

He worked in the GATA Molecular Genetics Lab in Ankara until 2000. After several projects in population genetics, genomics, and biotechnology, and prenatal and postnatal molecular genetics diagnosis, he continued his career specializing in reproductive genetics and the characterization of affected human embryonic stem cell lines.

He improved and performed preimplantation genetics diagnosis (PGD) techniques for six years at the Reproductive Genetics Institute (RGI) in Chicago, recognized as the worldwide reference laboratory at its specialized area. In 2005, he initiated the establishment of affected embryonic stem cell lines, as being first in the world. Leaving RGI as the laboratory director in 2007, he moved to Stem Cell Core in Children’s Memorial Hospital Research Center in Northwestern University – Chicago, where he worked as PGD coordinator and co-founder of embryonic stem cell core unit.

In 2009, he established the İstanbul Genetik Grubu (İGG) in İstanbul as the owner and serves as its Medical and General Director together with the specialized personnel team he organized. In İGG, he developed private genetic diagnostic test panels and serving Universities and Governmental / Private Hospitals for clinical genetic testing and research projects. He gives academic seminars and performs public talks to widen the importance of genetic knowledge in population health both in national and international platforms.

Dr. Rıdvan Seçkin Özen works in a collaborative manner internationally by training the personnel of genetic centers (e.g. from USA, Germany, Russia, Jordan, Iraq and Libya …) and also helped many hospitals and genetic laboratories built their own units or extend their capacities.

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