In this episode of the Cope Talks, we were joined by an incredible panel of experts who offered such key information and support.

Our panel included:

Carole Gilling Smith, CEO, Founder & Medical Director of The Agora Fertility Clinic. She founded the Agora in 2007 which is now the largest and most successful fertility centre in Sussex offering care to both NHS and private patients. Being in the heart of Brighton, she strove to ensure the Agora embraced the diverse needs of the local community and led the way nationally in developing a bespoke program of care to enable all those in the LGBT+ community to achieve their dreams of starting a family.

Mike and Wes, AKA The Two Dads UK,  are Dads to children born with the help of an amazing Surrogate Caroline, (and incredible egg donors). They are on a mission to help raise awareness of Same-Sex Parenting and help normalise their own modern family.

Laura-Rose Thorogood, founder of the LGBT Mummies Tribe, which is an organization based in the UK but provides support worldwide for LGBTQ women wanting to start a family.

Dr. Serena Cchen, Director for the Division of Reproductive Medicine at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, and the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science (IRMS) at Saint Barnabas

Dr. James Nicopoullos MD,  Consultant Gynaecologist and Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery at The Lister Fertility clinic.

Monica Moore, MSN, NP, a women’s Health NP, and health coach.

And us, Sara and Tracey

For more information head over to, our online fertility magazine for the LGBTQ+ community:

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