Angela Williams, President of the The Hope for Fertility Foundation talks to Sara about their incredible work
The Hope for Fertility Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit that gives grants to couples in the US who are struggling with infertility. These grants are up to $5,000 and can be used toward infertility treatments or adoption costs.

Chase and Tedi Palmer started Hope for Fertility in 2016. They were going through fertility treatments and decided to set up the foundation as a way to help more couples going through the same thing. The foundation is 100% volunteer and is now run by Angela Williams along with board members Mandi Bishop, Laura Mendenhall, Lyndee Mower, and McCall Weekes. Each of these women have personally been affected by infertility and have a passion for helping couples build their families.

Every year we accept grant applications from couples looking for help and hope. Our grant committee reads through each application and looks at a variety of factors including financial status, cost of treatments, infertility efforts so far, ages, overall story, etc. We have given out 31 grants for a total of $122,650. This year we hope to double that amount.

Currently we have had 17 babies born because of help from these grants, with five babies on the way. We would love to help even more couples and rely completely on donations for this to be possible. You can donate on our webpage:


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