In this interview, ITV Wales news presenter Andrea Byrne talks about how she coped during her 7 year fertility journey. She talks about the pressure of staying composed and together whilst at work, and managing the rollercoaster of emotions following repeated treatment failure.

She also shares with us some valuable hindsight.

Andrea has launched a podcast on her fertility journey to break the taboo of infertility

The Making Babies series was launched as part of National Fertility Week in November 2020 and Andrea hopes to normalise the conversation and remove the stigma attached to needing help to have a baby.

Andrea said: “By removing the stigma, which so easily bestows an unnecessary shame upon those unlucky enough to need help to have a baby, maybe the journey can be that bit more bearable.”

The news presenter hopes to demystify the world of fertility and create a wider understanding of both ‘the exhausting treatment couples go through and the spiraling feelings they are forced to deal with’.

To listen to the podcast, click here


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