Raquel, AKA Rocky, is one hell of a TTC Warrior. Her journey to motherhood was overwhelmingly heartbreaking but equally inspiring, as despite experiencing so much sadness, she kept fighting!

Following years of struggling to conceive, Rocky finally fell pregnant after a round of IVF, but tragically lost her baby at 7.5 months.

Rocky tells us how her fiancé Damon Dash, was her absolute rock following the loss of their baby.

After some taking time to grieve, the couple tried another round of IVF, and it resulted in the birth of their beautiful son!!

Rocky shares her story because she wants people who are struggling with infertility or the epic pain of baby loss, to see that they are not alone. She wants to highlight the fact that there are charities, support groups and of course a community of incredible men and women out there who there to listen, support and care.



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